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Luke Gulyaev
Luke Gulyaev

ASR Voice Recorder Pro 234 ? UPDATED

Nuance Vocalizer for Cloud (NVC) offers two types of synthesis response. By default, the synthesized voice is streamed back to the application (Synthesizer/Synthesize), but a unary (non-streamed, single package) response may be requested instead (Synthesizer/UnarySynthesize). The same payload is returned with the exception of the source field. For more information on streamed versus unary responses, see the TTSaaS gRPC API documentation.

ASR Voice Recorder Pro 234 –

Computer-based instruction (CBI) was used to teach 3 sets of 20 spelling words to two 6th graders in a multiple baseline design. The CBI presented a voice recording of each spelling word and prompted the students to type the word. If they spelled the word incorrectly, a training procedure was initiated that included prompt fading and systematic review practice.


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