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Watch Remo (Tamil) Of Love Movie Online

Ensuring that Kavya never finds out his true identity, Siva as Remo establishes a close friendship with her but is unable to convince her to end her engagement with Vishwa, no matter how many times he (As Remo) brings the subject up. Undeterred, he organises a massive surprise on her birthday and proposes to her as Siva. Kavya, who has been charmed by the surprise and fallen in love with Siva, is in a dilemma as she is unable to decide between Vishwa and Siva. Siva takes advantage of her dilemma and juggles the roles of both Siva and Remo with the aim of breaking her engagement, all the while hiding his dual identity from her. Eventually, Kavya gives in and admits her feelings to Siva, but, to the shock of both her and Siva, Vishwa has decided to prepone their marriage to the very next day because he had caught her sharing a romantic moment with Siva. Kavya decides to end her engagement and leave her house to be with Siva. While Kavya pours out her feelings to Siva (who is disguised as Remo), Vishwa arrives with some goons to forcibly take her away. Siva, still in his Remo guise, thrashes Vishwa and his goons, but at the same moment, he is forced to rush to the hospital to attend to a terminally-ill orphan named Nancy , with whom he had established a close bond. On Nancy's cajoling (Siva as Remo has earlier promised her that he would "change himself" to a man as a "magic trick"), Siva removes his Remo disguise, exposing his identity to Kavya. Betrayed and hurt, Kavya berates Siva for cheating her and ending her engagement and warns him never to go behind her again. Despite Siva's repeated pleas, Kavya refuses to budge and Siva sadly walks away.

watch Remo (Tamil) of love movie online

Baradwaj Rangan of The Hindu wrote "Remo is less about convincing us that a man can become a woman than reminding us Sivakarthikeyan has become a star."[67] M. Suganth of The Times of India, rated the film 3 out of 5 stars, and reviewed "The film is a rejig of elements that we have seen in other films earlier."[23] Behindwoods rated the film 2.75 out of 5 stars, and reviewed that "Remo will certainly appeal to its target audience, and Sivakarthikeyan is charming enough to carry the whole film on his shoulders. It's a cute romantic comedy which is enjoyable and vibrant." while criticising the screenplay, further added "A wafer thin story is the biggest negative in Remo. Performances, technicalities, and promotions have managed to camouflage this weak link in the movie effectively. But if only more care was taken in the story and screenplay department, the film would have emerged as a better product."[76] Sify rated the film 2.75 out of 5, with a statement "Remo is a watchable romantic comedy which is both funny and flashy."[77] Studioflicks rated the film 3 out of 5, stating "Remo is a feel good movie with a regular Rom-Com pattern but manages to keep the audiences engrossed with beautiful visuals and technical elegance along with screen presence of Sivakarthikeyan."[78]

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Mili is a middle class Indian, and like many would like to be rich and famous one day. She wants to be an Indian actress. She is friendly with another poor man named Munna, who she knows from her childhood. One day while she is singing and dancing on the beach, she is approached by a rich and famous movie actor, Raj, who wants her to act in his next movie. Raj has actually fallen in love with Mili and wants to get married to her. Mili finds her dreams coming true when she gets very famous. Will Mili marry Raj and live a life full of wealth and fame forever? 350c69d7ab


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