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Luke Gulyaev

Objectdock Stack Docklet For Windows

I am having a problem with Object Dock 2 and the "stacks" adddon docklet. I hope this is the correct forum. Anyways, here is is my issue / question. I have stacks installed correctly and it actually works fine. But when I add a stack it shows the entire contents of a folder. I want a stack to show a list of different programs, not the entire contents of a folder. As an example ... I want it to work like this : if you click on a stack icon a list ( fan or list ) will pop up and display all my apps like Excell,firefox,thunderbird,ultraedit, ect...... currently I can only add 1 folder and all of that folders contents are displayed (not good)

Objectdock stack docklet for windows

I've tried it with that same shortcut ( Revo is a great program, imo) on two different stack docklets. Dragging from desktop after creating a shortcut or from the program file(create link) to the stack folders works for me on Win7/64/OD 2.0. Maybe someone else can reproduce this. Sorry I couldn't be more helpful. Good Luck.

Standalone Stack while a nice program is broken for 32 bit shortcuts in 64 bit windows. I suggest 7stacks which works with all 32 bit and 64 bit windows programs that I have tried it with so far. it also allows you to choose grid style and it lets you choose mac style open/close(click to open/click to close)

I am really pleased to see a stack docklet created for Nexus. However, I am having an issue with the newest release. It really comes up VERY slowly. I am literally sitting there for several minutes before the grid finally comes up. Hopefully this will be fixed soon?

Just found this wow this is great working good RKLauncher you might consider adding the open in finder icon to have it open the folder you are linked to also. I also think after clicking the stacks docklet if you click the desktop (dock loses focus) the stacks should close instead of waiting for you to choose something out of the docklet. 350c69d7ab


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