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90 FPS Modu Nedir, Ne İşe Yarar? IPAD VIEW ile Birlikte İndirin

How to Download and Play Games at 90 FPS

If you are a gamer, you probably know how important it is to have a smooth and responsive gameplay experience. One of the factors that affects this is the frame rate, or frames per second (fps), which is the number of images that appear on your screen in one second. The higher the fps, the smoother and more realistic the game looks.

In this article, we will explain what is 90 fps and why it is desirable for gaming, how to check your current fps and monitor refresh rate, how to increase your fps on your PC, how to download and install 90 FPS APK for Android, and what are some of the best games that support high frame rates. Let's get started!

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What is 90 fps and why is it important for gaming?

FPS stands for frames per second, which is the frequency of consecutive images that are captured or displayed each second. This definition applies to film and video cameras, computer animation, and motion capture systems. In video games, fps measures how fast the game can render and display frames on your screen.

Why does this matter? Well, because the human eye can perceive motion at around 10 to 12 fps, but anything below 30 fps can cause noticeable stuttering and lagging in games. This can affect your gameplay performance, as well as your immersion and enjoyment. On the other hand, anything above 60 fps can create a smooth and fluid motion that enhances the realism and responsiveness of games.

However, not all games can run at high frame rates, as this depends on several factors, such as your hardware specifications, game settings, optimization, resolution, etc. Moreover, not all monitors can display high frame rates, as this depends on their refresh rate, which is the number of times they can update their image per second. For example, a monitor with a refresh rate of 60 hertz (hz) can only display up to 60 fps, while a monitor with a refresh rate of 144 hz can display up to 144 fps.

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So, what is 90 fps? It is simply a frame rate that is higher than the standard 60 fps, but lower than the extreme 120 or 144 fps. It is a sweet spot that offers a balance between smoothness and performance, without requiring too much power or resources from your device. It is also a frame rate that is supported by some of the latest gaming phones and monitors that have a refresh rate of at least 90 hz.

What are the benefits of playing games at 90 fps? Well, some of them are:

  • You can enjoy a more realistic and immersive gaming experience.

  • You can react faster and more accurately to what happens on the screen.

  • You can reduce motion sickness and eye strain caused by low frame rates.

  • You can gain an edge over your opponents who play at lower frame rates.

Of course, not everyone can notice or appreciate the difference between 60 and 90 fps, as this may depend on your personal preference, vision quality, game genre, etc. Some people may even prefer lower frame rates for aesthetic or artistic reasons. However, if you are curious about how playing at 90 fps feels like, you can try it yourself by following the steps below.

How to check your current fps and monitor refresh rate?

Before you try to increase your fps or download any app, you should first check your current fps and monitor refresh rate. This way, you can see if you need to make any changes or improvements, and if your device can support higher frame rates.

There are different ways to check your fps and monitor refresh rate, depending on your device and platform. Here are some of the most common methods:

  • For PC: You can use a built-in or third-party software to display your fps on the screen while playing games. Some of the popular options are Steam Overlay, NVIDIA GeForce Experience, AMD Radeon Software, Fraps, MSI Afterburner, etc. To check your monitor refresh rate, you can go to Settings > System > Display > Advanced display settings and click on Display adapter properties for Display 1 (or whichever display you are using). Then, go to the Monitor tab and look for the Screen refresh rate option.

  • For Android: You can enable the Developer options on your phone by going to Settings > About phone and tapping on the Build number seven times. Then, go back to Settings > System > Developer options and scroll down to find the Show FPS option. Turn it on and you will see a small overlay on the top right corner of your screen that shows your current fps. To check your screen refresh rate, you can go to Settings > Display and look for the Refresh rate option.

  • For iOS: You can download an app called GameBench from the App Store and use it to measure your fps while playing games. You will need to create an account and connect your device to a computer to use the app. To check your screen refresh rate, you can go to Settings > Accessibility > Motion and look for the Limit Frame Rate option. If it is off, then your screen refresh rate is 60 hz. If it is on, then your screen refresh rate is 30 hz.

Once you have checked your fps and monitor refresh rate, you can proceed to the next section to learn how to increase them.

How to increase fps on your PC

If you are playing games on your PC and you want to increase your fps, there are several things you can do to optimize your system and game settings. Here are some of the most effective tips:

  • Defrag your main hard drive: This will improve the performance of your hard drive by rearranging the files and making them easier to access. To do this, go to Start > File Explorer > This PC and right-click on your main hard drive (usually C:). Then, click on Properties > Tools > Optimize and select your drive. Click on Analyze and then Optimize.

  • Change the power option and adjust for best performance: This will ensure that your PC uses its maximum power and resources for gaming. To do this, go to Start > Settings > System > Power & sleep and click on Additional power settings. Then, select the High performance option or create a custom plan with high settings. Next, go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > System > Advanced system settings and click on Settings under Performance. Then, select Adjust for best performance and click OK.

  • Update your graphics driver: This will improve the compatibility and performance of your graphics card with the latest games. To do this, go to Start > Device Manager and expand the Display adapters category. Right-click on your graphics card and click on Update driver. Then, choose Search automatically for updated driver software and follow the instructions.

  • Lower your screen resolution: This will reduce the number of pixels that your graphics card has to render, which will increase your fps. To do this, go to Start > Settings > System > Display and click on Display resolution. Then, choose a lower resolution than your native one (for example, if your native resolution is 1920 x 1080, choose 1600 x 900 or 1280 x 720).

  • Do a disk clean-up: This will free up some space on your hard drive by deleting unnecessary files, such as temporary files, cache files, recycle bin files, etc. To do this, go to Start > File Explorer > This PC and right-click on your main hard drive (usually C:). Then, click on Properties > General > Disk Clean-up and select the files you want to delete. Click OK.

  • Close other apps and disable startup items: This will reduce the background processes that may consume CPU, RAM, or disk resources that could be used for gaming. To do this, go to Start > Task Manager and click on More details. Then, go to the Processes tab and end any apps that you are not using or that are not essential for gaming. Then, go to the Startup tab and disable any items that you don't need to run when your PC starts. You can also use a software like CCleaner or Advanced SystemCare to clean and optimize your PC automatically.

By following these tips, you should be able to increase your fps on your PC and enjoy a smoother gaming experience. However, keep in mind that some games may have their own fps limit or cap, which you may need to adjust or disable in the game settings or configuration files.

How to download and install 90 FPS APK for Android

If you are playing games on your Android phone and you want to unlock 90 fps, you may need to use a third-party app called 90 FPS APK. This app is designed to enable 90 fps and iPad view for any device, regardless of its hardware or software specifications. It works for popular games like PUBG Mobile, Call of Duty Mobile, Free Fire, etc.

However, before you download and install this app, you should be aware of some risks and limitations. First of all, this app is not officially endorsed or supported by the game developers or publis


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