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How To Remove Password From Rar File Without Any Software __LINK__

I know the password to the RAR file as I locked it myself. Is there a way to do this in WinRAR or an equivalent program? The only thing I knew to do was to extract it, then create a new RAR without the password.

how to remove password from rar file without any software

Out of the box, no, you can not. Version 3 of the RAR file format (implemented first in WinRAR 2.9) encrypts the actual data itself, as well as the file headers (if requested) using AES-128 encryption. With just WinRAR, it is impossible to simply "remove" the password from an archive, since the data itself is encrypted with the password.

Given the number of open-source tools that support password-protected RAR files (e.g. unar), one could learn how to do this by reading existing source code, and then using the decrypted, but still compressed, bitstream to generate a new RAR archive. However, this is far from a trivial task, as you would then have to rebuild the RAR header manually as well (or at least ensure the file format's compatibility).

Or you can open the archive then rightclick on the file and choose "set default password" and then enter the password, this way you will never have to enter the password again anytime you want to open the file.

Step 2: recompress each folder into their own RAR archive, select all the folders, right-click in explorer.exe -> WinRAR -> checkbox "Put each file to separate archive". Screenshot from

RAR, Roshal Archive Compressed file, is basically formed when a large number of big files are compressed into a small file. Since compressed files are easy to transfer and share, RAR is preferred on the internet, especially for download websites, online clouds, and email attachments. Besides password removing, RAR users should also know how to recover deleted RAR archive files with Jihosoft File Recovery in case of accidental deletion or formatting.

Removal of the password of RAR file using Notepad is very easy and does not involve the usage of any software. Notepad is present in PC as a pre-installed app. Now, follow the steps mentioned below to unlock the RAR file using Notepad.

This method allows you to remove RAR file password without any use of the software. However, this method first converts the RAR file into Zip file. Meanwhile, it unlocks the RAR file by converting it to zip file. Now, you can find the steps to change and unlock the RAR file into the zip file.

Now, we have learnt three possible ways to open locked RAR files without the use of third-party software. In addition to the easy-to-follow nature, the best part of these methods is that you need not to pay a single penny to do so. Hopefully you will get access to password protected RAR files easily with your PC. Nevertheless, you should not be surprised if none of the method works for you, because it is really not a piece of cake to remove RAR password.

If you have any queries related to removing password from the Zip or RAR file, please share your concerns in the comment section. You can also mention your problems if you have failed to remove the password from you RAR file using the methods given above.

My Dad had compressed our family photos into a RAR file and created a password to protect the file. But he has forgotten the password and unable to extract the encrypted RAR file. Can anyone recommend a method to remove password for my RAR archive? ----John

The most recommended method when you don't remember the password at all is to crack the password of your RAR file first. Password cracking is a process of using computer algorithm to repeatedly guess the password until the correct password is successfully discovered. Most common methods of password cracking are dictionary attack, pattern checking, word list substitution, brute-force attack and etc. A suitable cracking strategy can not only greatly shorten the recovery time but also increase the success rate.

No data loss or data leakage: Passper values your data security, therefore, the whole process can be done on your own even without internet connection, thus, you files will not be leaked out during/after password recovery.

Step 1: Launch the program on your computer. Click on Add icon to add your password protected RAR/WinRAR file to the program. Then, select an attack from the list of attacks shown on your screen.

Step 2: After choosing the suitable attack modes, click Recover to continue. The software will run the attack and take its time to crack the password for your RAR file. It will only take several minutes. When the software has found the password, it will display it on your screen as shown below.

Many of us might not know that Notepad helps with removing passwords from RAR files. But in some cases, this way really works although it will show unreadable text. The following is the entire procedure to do the RAR password removal process with Notepad on your computer.

You may now open your RAR file with any extraction tool and you will find that it no longer prompts you to enter a password to access the file. The password has been successfully removed from your RAR file using Notepad. But success rate of this method is less than 10%. That is to say, it doesn't work in most cases.

Step 2: When the file imported, this tool will automatically start to recover the password. The recovery time depends on the length and complexity of your password. Once the password is recovered, it will display the password on the screen.

It seems pretty easy to use. But the password can hardly be recovered, you will be guided to upgrade to the paid version with $29. Worse still, there are several safety issues along with these online tools. When you upload your file online to their servers, this will greatly increase the risk of being leaked out and hacked. So we do not recommend you to try any online tools considering data security.

This section is for those of you who already know the password of the RAR file you want to extract. Since you already have the password with yourself, all you need to do is input it on a certain screen on your computer and you should be able to access all the contents residing in the file without using any software.

The task can be accomplished using the WinRAR app itself as it does let you extract password protected RAR archives. The following is how you go about uncompressing a password protected RAR file on your computer.

Step 4: Once it confirms that the password is correct, it will start to extract files from the RAR archive. You can then right-click on the extracted files and choose Add to archive to create a completely new and unprotected RAR archive for your files.

That is how to remove RAR password manually with WinRAR. But this way only works when you remember the password clearly. Obviously, if you don't know what the password is, then this way doesn't work for you.

If you have downloaded or have gotten a RAR file from your friend but it asks for a password, either you need to find out the password or you need to know the method to crack the password. The above guide shows methods to remove password for both the scenario. Whether you know the password or you don't, the above guide will help you remove the password from your RAR file. If you have any other questions about removing password from RAR/WinRAR files, you are welcomed to leave a comment below.

But an important question is, can I remove a RAR password if I no longer need it, or if I forget it? I think that's a concern for many people. Frankly and accurately, the answer is No. There is currently no way to remove a RAR password directly, but don't worry, you can remove it indirectly. Now, this page will show you how to remove a RAR password in indirect ways.

Even if you know the RAR password, you cannot remove it directly because the WinRAR app does not provide any button to delete the password. But it doesn't matter. You can simply get rid of the RAR password by extracting the files/folders in the encrypted RAR archive, and then adding the files/folders to a new RAR archive. Make sure you have WinRAR or 7-ZIP app installed on your Windows, and then follow the steps below.

3. After decompression, right-click the extracted files or folder and select Add to archive to compress them to a new RAR archive file. This time, do not set a password for the new RAR file. After that, you can delete the original password protected RAR file.

If you've forgotten your password and cannot open the encrypted RAR file, it's also impossible to remove the password directly. But it's possible to find the RAR password first and then delete it. You can do this using Notepad or Command Prompt.

Step 3: In the notepad file, click File > Save As. When the Save As dialog opens, select All Files from the Save as type menu, change the file suffix from .txt to .bat, and then click Save.

Step 8: When your RAR password is found, it is displayed on the Command Prompt window. You can copy and paste the password to open your encrypted RAR file, and then remove the password in the same way as Method 1.

If Command Prompt cannot find your forgotten RAR password, don't lose your heart. You can remove your RAR password with the use of a more advanced RAR Password Refixer tool. This tool is developed with four intelligent and powerful password attack modes, which can help you retrieve long and even complex RAR passwords.

Step 3: Select a password cracking method from the Recovery Type drop-down menu. Set the Range and Length options as well so that this tool can recover your forgotten RAR password in the shortest possible time.

That is the answer to the question of whether you can remove a RAR password. Again, it's impossible to remove a known or forgotten RAR password directly. Any website or tool that claims to remove the RAR password online doesn't actually work.

A RAR file (Roshal Archive Compressed file) is a compressed file or a container of data that holds many files or folders inside it. You can compress various files and folders to a smaller size using a RAR file, which allows you to download it faster than usual. RAR files can easily be protected using a password and can also be encrypted, which allows the contents to stay hidden unless you know the password.


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