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Christopher Ross

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I only shoot in the regular modes if I need speed, or am shooting in my studio where I find it weird that my studio strobes (and the shutter) fire a little later than I expect; it's just weird - the photos are the same.

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There was a business card stuck in the crack between the door and the frame when I got home from another too-long day at the office. I plucked the card out, annoyed, assuming it was some stupid advertisement, but the thick black Gothic lettering caught my eye:

Wait are you telling me that the new Inspiron 3505 I just bought can't even utilize my full internet speed? It's rated for 150Mbps and I routinely get 300 on my desktop pc, I can hardly crack 90 on this new dell laptop.

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Director: James WanStarring: Leigh Whannell, Cary Elwes, Danny GloverOccasionally forgotten in the wake of its many sequels, the original Saw is a cracking, gonzo low-budget shocker: stylish, well written and boasting a killer surprise at the end. While the seeds of the tortuous future instalments are sown by the police investigation happening in the background, the central premise is thrillingly lean: two strangers, locked together in a room, and they don't know why. Tell us you're not hooked.Read The Empire Review

Director: Jacques TourneurCast: Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom ConwayWith Universal knocking out horror films like there was no tomorrow, RKO tasked producer Val Lewton with creating some similar action. The results were not what the studio expected. Far from the monster mash they'd asked for, Cat People opted for more psychological chills, and a still surprising concept centred on a woman who's afraid to consummate her marriage because of her belief that sexual climax will turn her into a panther. Paul Schrader's '80s remake took full advantage of the modern potential for FX and erotica, but Tourneur's more subtle scares are all about stalking and shadows.Read The Empire Review

Director: Terence FisherCast: Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee, Michael GoughDirected by the incomparable Terence Fisher, written by Jimmy Sangster, pairing Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee (with Lee getting actual lines for the first time), and going all out for colour, glamour, sex and blood, Hammer's Dracula aligns the elements and distils the formula that powered the studio for the next two decades. Sangster's bold screenplay at once eviscerates Bram Stoker's novel and sets the narrative free. With the locations transposed and limited to Romania and half the 'dramatis personae' excised, we're left with a lean adventure. The Lugosi film is a creaky slow-burn, but Hammer's is a swashbuckler. Lee, of course, gets to be urbane and darkly seductive, but there's also genuine savagery to the moments when he gets to bare his teeth.Read The Empire Review

The USB class protocol for MIDI is used to interact with music devices and studio equipment, such as MIDI controllers, sequencers, drum machines, samplers, effects units, synthesizers, instruments, lighting and recording equipment.

Pistons and Connecting Rods The RDX's engine has pistons with "cavity-shaped" crowns that help maintain stable combustion and contribute to improved efficiency. The lightweight pistons have a carefully optimized skirt design to minimize reciprocating weight, which minimizes vibration and increases operating efficiency. The pistons are cooled by oil jets directed at the underside of each piston crown. Special cooling channels in the pistons also help keep operating temperatures in check. Ion-plated piston rings help reduce friction for greater operating efficiency. Lightweight, high-strength steel connecting rods are heat-forged in one piece and then "cold cracked" to create a lighter and stronger rod with an optimally-fitted bearing cap.


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