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How To Install Project Nevada With Fomm

That did it, thanks. I noticed your github issue mentioned that it had to do with the C# fomod installer. It looks like Project Nevada - Extra Options uses the C# installer as well and that ran without an issue for me. Thought it would be worth noting

How To Install Project Nevada With Fomm


Okay, first of all I'm sorry for necroposting, but I think this might be useful to people like me, who were wondering if MO2 2.2.0+ has this issue or not. I just tried to install the mod with all modules through MO2 2.2.0, and it installed without an issue. I can't guarantee that it installed correctly and there will be no issues when I try to run this thing, but the issue mentioned in this thread was not present.

Fallout Mod Manager (FOMM): This handy program allows you to fail-save install mods, update them and reactivate them with a few clicks. If you want to try out different versions of a mod, you need a mod manager to simplify swapping mods. You can also use Nexus Mod Manager, but I ran into problems such as corrupted installations and missing files

So, now that you are familiar with the basic knowledge, we can start with the installation. I mention the latest versions, but as a general rule, you should always use the latest version and read the description on the nexus page.

When you run the game, UIO will automatically link your extensions without affecting your installed files. This means you can safely uninstall UI mods at any time, but remember to also uninstall any dependencies, e.g. if you uninstall VUI+, also uninstall anything that requires VUI+.

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